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“I’m not saying that Irene Kelley hasn’t given us reason to expect this caliber of composing from her music (her street cred speaks for itself), but I am saying that she’s raised the bar for herself in these eleven songs …” (Gwen Waggoner, Skope Magazine)
“As a vocalist, Irene Kelley glows with beauty and expressiveness. As a songwriter, she shines with a luster that few of her peers can match. This is music to cleanse the soul. This is music to raise you up. This is music to touch your heart. This is the music of IRENE KELLEY.” (Robert K. Oermann, Music Historian – Music Row Magazine)


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Loose Cannon Booking: Marco Divan


Radio: Art Menius Radio 


CPI Distribution: Clay Pasternack



"Snow White Memories conveys the depth of Kelley’s lyricism and her ability to deliver straight-to-the-heart songs filled with emotional resonance." -- Henry Carrigan,

"With a stylistic kinship to Dolly and Emmylou, Kelley's sweet vocals glide gently over the lilt and pluck of banjos, fiddles and mandolins, taking her bluegrass trappings into folkier terrain. EVERY SONG’S A GEM."

"A perfect blend of voice and song!" -- Rhonda Vincent

"Great WARMTH and CLARITY" -- The Washington Post

"The whole project is SIMPLY SUBLIME." -- Robert K. Oermann, Music Historian - Music Row Magazine

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