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Benny's TV Repair, CD 2019

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Irene is thrilled to be releasing her 2nd album for Mountain Fever Records "Benny's TV Repair" to be released May 10, 2019. Both musically and spiritually, she is connecting past and present and exploring the themes of love, loss and of her life. Music historian Robert K. Oermann sums up her great gifts this way: “As a vocalist, Irene Kelley glows with beauty and expressiveness. As a songwriter, she shines with a luster that few of her peers can match. This is music to cleanse the soul. This is music to raise you up. This is music to touch your heart.”

"The past never sounded as good as it does on Irene Kelley’s Benny’s TV Repair, a collection of bluegrass tunes that manage to sound fresh & sprightly even as they look backward." - Michael Graca, Americana Music Show

01. Something About A Train Sound

02. Bluegrass Radio

03. Cabbage Head

04. Thunderbird

05. Out Of Arkansas

06. Benny’s TV Repair

07. Highway Back To You

08. Anything To Help You Say Goodbye

09. Hills Of Home

10. Faster Than Angels Could Fly

11. Walk With Me Today

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