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Irene Kelley – NEW single: “Before You Call Me Home” out now on Mountain Fever Records

Here's our new single from the album, "These Hills" out now on Mountain Fever Records. The gospel song, "Before You Call Me Home" (Irene Kelley/Carlton Moody.) Carlton & I finished this one pretty quickly. We talked about our families, and the many blessings in our lives that we are truly grateful for. Not the least of these is getting to write & play music. Sharon & Cheryl White came by the studio to lend their angelic harmonies.  A real full circle for me as these gals recorded 2 of my songs in the 1980's "Love Can't Ever Get Better Than This" Ricky & Sharon & "Jesus Rock My baby" with Cheryl on lead vocals.

Hope you enjoy the new song! -Irene


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