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Irene Kelley’s – new single, “Bluegrass Radio” out now on Mountain Fever Records

Irene Kelley – new single, “BLUEGRASS RADIO“ (written by Irene Kelley/Jerry Salley) out now on Mountain Fever Records. Enjoy and share!

My daughter, Justyna Kelley, and my co-writer, Jerry Salley (Billy Blue Records), are singing the harmonies. The cast of musicians includes: Bryan Sutton on guitar, Adam Steffey on mandolin, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, Mark Fain on bass and Matt Menefee on banjo.

Every song starts with an idea, and I wanted to pay homage to the genre. When I asked my good friend Jerry Salley to write it with me, he was all in. Jerry and I have the same love and reverence for bluegrass music as the last frontier of traditional music, and the DJ’s are keeping it going. It means everything to me to be writing and recording songs about my life that people are connecting with in their own way, and bluegrass is the genre that allows for it. Jerry and I were even able to give a shout out to my favorite unsung songwriter, Carter Stanley, in the second verse.

Thank you to all the DJ’s who have shared my music with your listeners. You have given me a great opportunity to get these bluegrass records out to the people that matter the most, the fans. Please accept my sincere thanks and know that this song is for YOU!


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