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Irene Kelley – “These Hills” (Official Lyric Video)

These Hills (video by ivan christian Raveane): I wrote this song with Jon Weisberger. I got the idea from a place on my grandparents farm in Crabtree, Pa. I found a hideaway where I could go to as a kid and dream, sing, dance and escape reality. Nowadays I can go there in my imagination. I’m betting everyone had a place like this as a child. Under the steps, a mountain pass or wherever. I hope you enjoy the song and title track from, “These Hills”.

Irene Kelley’s debut album for Mountain Fever RecordsThese Hills” includes what most would consider an artist’s “dream team” of musicians — Stuart Duncan (Fiddle), Adam Steffey (mandolin), Brian Sutton (guitar), Scott Vestal (banjo), Mark Fain (bass) — while also featuring harmony vocals by industry heavy-hitters Claire Lynch, Ronnie Bowman, Sharon White Skaggs, Cheryl White, Dale Ann Bradley, and Steve Gulley, as well as Irene’s own daughters, Justyna and Sara Jean.

“This is a record that is so enormously pleasing on so many levels,” states journalist Robert K. Oermann. “As a vocalist, Irene Kelley glows with beauty and expressiveness. As a songwriter, she shines with a luster that few of her peers can match. This is music to cleanse the soul. This is music to raise you up. This is music to touch your heart. This is the music of Irene Kelley.”


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