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Story Behind "THUNDERBIRD" by Irene Kelley (new single out now on Mountain Fever Records).

Billy Smith came by to write one day with a four string baritone guitar and the line ‘fly through me like a Thunderbird’. He said he didn’t know what that meant really and I said I think I do. An hour later we had the song “Thunderbird”. We call this our native American spiritual song. I’ve always had a reverence for the Native American culture. After performing the song it took on a new arrangement. Felt like we needed to re-record it for Benny’s TV Repair in the way that we perform it live. I hope everybody enjoys the new version!

THE BAND: Irene Kelley (Lead Vocal), Bryan Sutton (Guitar), Adam Steffey (Mandolin), Stuart Duncan (Fiddle), Matt Menefee (Banjo), Mark Fain (Bass),

Brook & Darin Aldridge (Harmony Vocals). Recorded at Buzz Cason's

"Creative Workshop" in Berryhill, TN.

( Irene Kelley and Billy Smith )


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