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Dave’s Dozen For 2019: Benny’s TV Repair

Huge THANK YOU to David Morris for the fantastic year end pick and review. And I love that he selected, “Benny’s TV Repair” (Irene Kelley/ Bob Rea) as one of his 2 favorites on the album. My dad would be proud, no doubt 💕


Posted on January 6, 2020

1. Irene Kelley, Benny’s TV Repair. We could spend hours debating whether Kelley’s greatest asset is her voice or her gifted songwriting. Or we can call it a draw and move on. Benny’s TV Repair is a stellar backdrop for both. In fact, I can envision a world in which Latrobe, Pennsylvania’s, greatest export since Rolling Rock beer is both the vocalist of the year and songwriter of the year for IBMA.

A number of songs from the Mountain Fever Records project have charted, including one of my two favorites, Bluegrass Radio. (The other is the sentimental but not sappy title cut, which is a tribute to Irene’s father).

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